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Yasaka SK Blending 40

Sale price$395.00 Regular price$449.00

  • 40 Teeth
  • Ideal for Blending
  • Offset Handle
  • Permanent Finger Rest
  • Adjustable Tension Screw

Made of stainless steel produced from Swedish Sponge Iron. This iron is made with iron ore containing an extremely small amount of impurities. The resulting steel has a low impurities content and excellent wear resistance, and is a fully rust proof stainless steel. 

Yasaka shears were first introduced to US hairdressers by the visionary, Geri Cusenza, founder of Sebastian International, over 30 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of Yasaka shears were sold, and they became the standard for function and affordability. Unique in their two-part design, each shear is a combination of Japanese forging techniques, modern machining methods, and traditional hand-craftsmanship. The result is a shear whose design continues unchanged to this day, with many of those original shears still in use and beloved by their owners.

SK40T Normal blade
ATS314 Cobalt Stainless Steel
Yasaka SK Blending 40
Yasaka SK Blending 40 Sale price$395.00 Regular price$449.00