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JW C2 Swivel Series

Sale price$189.00 Regular price$229.00


  • Swivel Thumb Handle Design
  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • Silver Finish
  • Convex Edge
  • Permanent Finger Rest
  • Counter-Sunk Tension Control
  • Screw in Bumper
  • Lifetime Warranty

Just about anywhere you might go in the world, people recognize JW shears for the same things: Quality. Innovation. Performance. Design. And of course, value. What you may not realize, however, is that while the thrill of cutting with a JW is pure joy. The surprising value of owning one is pure pleasure, too. Plus, as a JW shear owner, you have a comprehensive support dedicated to keep you happy.

The JW C2 swivel handle is ergonomic allowing your to position your hand in any direction without straining your wrist preventing fatigue and wrist pain. Together with the Swivel Handle, JW's unique Convex Edge, and material configuration, the Swivel Series gives you the utmost cutting confidence.

JW C2 Swivel Series
JW C2 Swivel Series Sale price$189.00 Regular price$229.00