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Kamisori Shogun

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Say hello to our seven-star(highest) SHOGUN.

Sleek, powerful, and beautifully hand-crafted from luxury Damascus steel. A thing of both quality and beauty, this model is one of our best. Comes in a traditional walnut box featuring a cover artwork of a Japanese Geisha to compliment and protect your investment.

  • Speed-cutting
  • Texturing
  • Point-cutting
  • Cuts both wet and dry hair

5.5", 6"



Star Rating



Multi-Cutting Technique, Point, Texturizing

Type of Edge

KAMISORI Damascus Super Convex

Handle Type


Tension System

Damascus Super (Coin Operated) system

Type of Finger Rest



20-25 Years


Damasteel Properties

For our Frost II & Shogun models, we use our specially formulated 32-layer Damascus steel.

This steel along with our classic Damascus (used for Emerald, Champion, Azaki & Samurai models) are two of the most valuable steel types available to modern scissor craftsmen. Our Damascus steel is known for its samurai sword level strength, superior corrosion resistance, and excellent edge quality that will last decades.

  • Double alloy, 32-layered
  • Ultra-high durability
  • High agility (beneficial in advanced techniques)
  • High Rockwell hardness
  • Easy grinding and polishing (service)
  • High steel purity and cleanliness
  • High corrosion resistance

Approximate Mechanical and physical properties

Yield strength, Rp 0,2 270 MPa
Young’s modulus 200 GPa
Tensile strength, Rm <700 MPa
Poisson’s ratio 0,3 -
Elongation, A5 45 %
Thermal conductivity 15 W/m·K
Hardness <300 HV
Heat capacity 460 J/kg·K
Density 7,8 kg/dm3
Electrical resistivity 0,73 µ·Ω·m

Chemical Composition

Grade Etch color C Si Mn Cr Mo V
Alloy A Bright 1.05 0.50 0.50 14 4 0.2≦
Alloy B Dark 0.60 0.50 0.50 13 - -

Steel Brand: Damasteel

Place of Origin: Sweden

Kamisori Shogun
Kamisori Shogun Sale price$950.00 Regular price$1,099.00