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Jonetsu HMB

Sale price$595.00 Regular price$795.00


  • Blade: Convex Edge
  • Handle: Light Offset
  • Tension: Flat Thumb Screw
  • Finish: Mirror
  • Size: 5.5, 6.0 & 6.5 inches
  • Metal: Cobalt Special

The Jonetsu Arc Series is special for a few reasons. The first being it’s ergonomic handle. Their shape and fit are designed for utility and great control, allowing for more accurate hair cutting. These shears are also made of Cobalt Special metal, an alloy comprised of stainless steel, cobalt, mylobdenum, vanadium and tungsten, to maximize the blades cutting performance. This gives a smooth cut and creates a distinct and individual grain pattern on every shear.

Pride of ownership defines the Jonetsu line. Our premium custom line of shears is completely handcrafted in Japan of superior stainless steel and cobalt alloys, with expert finishes. Custom designed ergonomic handles provide comfort for extended use, and expertly edged blades ensure unmitigated performance. All Jonetsu shears carry a lifetime limited warranty.

Jonetsu HMB
Jonetsu HMB Sale price$595.00 Regular price$795.00